My Name is Tea Parti Melt The 
Lady's Heart Sammy

I am a black & white teacup male poodle

My date of birth is 3-17-2015
My height is 6" and
 I weigh 2 lbs. 5 oz.
My Name is Tea Parti Hot Rod Red

I am a dark mahogony red teacup male poodle

My date of birth is 9-26-2013
My height is 6" and
 I weigh 3 lbs. 
Our Poodle Family
These are our personal pets and breeders.
They are NOT FOR SALE.

Our dads are a variety of sizes ranging from
teacup poodles, tiny toy poodles and toy poodles.
My Name is
 Playboy Ted-Dee Bear

I am a black & white teacup male Poodle

Mom tells me that I am a handsome guy and 
all the ladies at Tea Parti Poodles will love me!

My date of birth is 4-8-2009
My height is 7" and
 I weigh 3 lbs. 10 oz.
My Name is Tea Parti Chocolate Mud Slide

I am a brown teacup male Poodle

My date of birth is 11-30-2010
My height is 6 1/2" and
 I weight 3 lbs. 4 oz.
If you have any questions please
 do not hesitate to email or call
Debb @ 715-426-1382
Cell # 651- 675-7258 
email me
Tea Parti
Tea Parti
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DNA Certified
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Tea Parti 
Tea Parti